Marina Lee | 16 | Alcina House | High School Junior ☹

Biography: Marina grew up with her rich grandparents and her little brother. As a child she was used to getting whatever she wanted because her grandparents spoiled her. The reason she lives with her grandparents is because just after her little brother was born her parents randomly left them. Ever since then she’s been wondering where they went and why, but she’s decided to just try and move on. In the process of doing that she’s taken a big interest in makeup which has distracted her for the most part from being sad. Makeup has also opened up a lot of things for her including how she makes most of her money. She does hair & makeup for other students, which has also led her to getting into Alcina and becoming friends with the popular girls.

Face Claim; Aspen Mansfield


SecretMarina has acquired self harm.

♥ Morgan Elizabeth | 20 | Aengus Manor  | High School Graduate ♥

Biography: Morgan has been at West Hill for as long as she can remember and last year was going to be one of her last until she decided she was going to stay for another four years to continue a relationship she had here. Over the summer that relationship of over five years has ended leaving Morgan more upset than ever and not wanting to do anything anymore. Little did she know she’s had this dark thing on her back all her life but it’s just now coming out and she has no idea how to handle it.

Face Claim; Hannah Kristen


SecretMorgan has acquired depression.

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Ashlee Rose | 16 | Alcina House | High School Sophomore ♥

Biography: Ashlee was a good kid growing up, getting straight A’s and trying her best to impress her parents, which is what every parent wants in their children but Ashlee took this to a whole different level. She liked getting praised and complimented which of course everyone does, but she lives for these comments. She tries to be perfect at everything including herself. She strives to be the perfect girl, and she’s been trying for years to be perfect. She’s finally one of the popular girls but will it last if everyone finds out what she does just to be who she is?

Face Claim; Aine Colpitts


Secret; Ashlee has acquired perfectionism.

Anonymous said:  are you posting more roles?

I’m currently in the process of writing more, dear anon. :)

♦ Derek Adams | 18 | Ajax House | High School Senior 

Biography: Derek grew up with his parents and his sister in Long Beach, California. He had a pretty good childhood, he usually just did whatever he wanted while his parents were at work or out of town. Him and his sister were usually on their own, making them very dependent people. Derek has always been pretty popular with the girls though and all the guys wanted to be him which got in him trouble occasionally. Everyone sees him as the bad boy with tattoos and that’s exactly what he is. He doesn’t really hide that much of anything except his constant drug use which has increased as he’s gotten older.

Face Claim; T. Mills

Status; OPEN

Secret; Derek has acquired drug abuse.

♡ Janelle Moore | 18 | Alcina House  | High School Senior 

Biography: Janelle and her sister have a popular reputation now but it wasn’t always that way. When they first started going to public school, they also found out that people aren’t always so nice. Janelle was overweight as a child so she always got bullied about her weight which she was very shy about. After hearing comments about her body for two years, she finally decided that she just wasn’t going to eat because no matter what she did the weight just didn’t seem to drop. After her increasingly scary weight drop occurred  she started smoking, and drinking and going to parties to try and become popular and that’s exactly what she managed to do. Now being one of the most popular girls at West Hill, she won’t let anyone take her place.

Face Claim; Melissa Green


SecretMelissa has acquired anorexia.

♡ Alexandra Moretti | 17 | Alcina House  | High School Junior 

Biography: Alexandra grew up with her parents are two sisters. As a child she was a bit spoiled and her family was “the perfect family” to everyone in her town, but as she got older she started acting out more and more as most teenagers do. Her mother was starting to get stressed out and thinking it was her fault her daughter was changing into what seemed like someone entirely new. Her father on the other hand, in being torn between her wife and daughter, he started making Alexandra go to a therapist to try and help her. Little did her parents know, he didn’t seem to help at all no matter how much he tried to.

Face Claim; Maddie Carina


Secret; Alexandra has acquired bipolar disorder.

✌ David Brand | 18 | Alloona Hall  | High School Senior 

Biography: David grew up with just his mother. As a child he got whatever he wanted, had a few good friends throughout his school experience and lived a pretty much normal life. Normal besides the fact that occasionally his personality would just change out of no where, his mom thought it was just him being funny but when she realized he was getting older and still doing it she decided to take him to a doctor, he now has medicine for his disorder, but occasionally doesn’t take it causing problems with his school life. 

Face Claim; Jeydon Wale


SecretDavid has acquired multipersonality disorder.